“After trying another local studio and being disappointed we found Expressions Dance Academy. My daughter has learned so much in the last 2 years. Expressions has it all. An amazing staff whom teach classes filled with technique but are still fun. A very involved and organized studio owner whom truly cares about the students. Affordable classes, and now a new beautiful dance facility! The list doesn’t end there. I could name a million reasons why we love this place. Number one is that my daughter’s love of dance is even stronger now than when we started. “  ~ Katie A.


"My daughter is incredibly shy, but when she walks into tumbling, a whole different side comes out, she is excited and energetic! The facility is very nice and her instructors are amazing with her. This is definitely where we will continue to go!" ~ Colleen C. 


"Our daughter has attended Expressions since the first day that it opened. Not only has she grown into a beautiful dancer, but she has learned valuable life skills. Expressions offers a family friendly atmosphere where students can learn and have fun in a caring environment. We highly recommend Expressions!" ~ Anne G. 


"It's a great atmosphere for students of all ages to learn, enjoy themselves, and grow through their love of dance! The staff is friendly, well trained, and committed to all of their classes! Not to mention, the award winning competition team is certainly one of the best in the area! I definitely recommend!" ~ Sydney L. 


"My oldest daughter has been dancing since she was 3 years old. We were at a different studio our first year and weren't completely satisfied. A friend of mine recommended Expressions to me, so we switched and become part of the Expressions family! My oldest is now 7 and part of the Expessions competition dance team. I have 2 younger daughters also taking classes, building a core foundation of technique and skill at Expressions! The new studio is AMAZING and the staff is like family and so wonderful with all of my girls!!!! We LOVE Expressions!!!!!!" ~ Jaime Y. 


"Our daughter has been dancing at Expressions since she was 3 years old and we have been so pleased with her/our experience there! We love how family friendly and conscious of our needs they are. It's an encouraging and supportive environment, and our daughter has learned/grown so much as a dancer over the last few years. We're excited to start our younger daughter now that she is old enough. We love our Expressions family!" ~ Kayleigh G.